• SYNERGY Trading has been established in the town of Sofia beginning 2010 and has been ever since a steady partner in goods distribution.
  • By distributing a variety of products, the company is a primary partner of hundreds of stores across the country, offering good and timely service and attractive prices.
  • SYNERGY Trading owns four warehouses combined with a local office, located strategically to cover the whole territory of the country. These are new and very modern distribution centers, where are employed skilled employees, divided by departments, led by specialists in the industry.
  • Our team of 32 sales representatives guided by three team leaders serves over 1,000 retail stores across the country. A specially assigned team takes care of the needs of our key clients.
  • The range of products, offered by SYNERGY Trading, is continuously optimized and adapted according to market needs. This, together with the flexible commercial policy of the company, allows us to respond adequately to any specific requirement of a particular client, instead of having one general policy.


  • At the heart of our business lays a commitment to building brands in partnership with our customers, consumers and brand owners. This is an unswerving commitment, delivered with dynamism, respect and passion, which flows through the organization at every level.
  • We believe that the quality and prestige of our portfolio in combination with our experienced and professional team makes us great brand builders.
  • We aim to continue to build the brands of our partners by increasing their visibility and availability on the market.
  • We believe that understanding the final consumer is crucial in brand building and we aim to gather more consumer insight every day.
  • We embrace change, innovation and original approaches. Thanks to a very flat structure we are very flexible, fast and have adopted a pragmatic "can do" culture.
  • Our company's first concern is the client's trust and gratification. Our main purpose is to work with our clients individually, to consider their needs and react fast and reasonably. We offer the best prices and something more for our bigger clients.
  • Our policy is based on our creativity, preciseness and correctness to build a stable and better future with our clients.
  • At the core of our organization are:
    • people who create relationships based on teamwork, mutual respect and support;
    • people who are firm believers and who possess the energy and motivation to achieve results, and
    • people who are responsible, loyal and honest in their work.
  • Effective management, experience-sharing and customer/partner-oriented approach are the key to our long-term success.


  • Working with partners as one team, together we determine where to compete
  • Ethical business practices
  • Long term relationship supported with a balanced contract
  • Mutual investments into brand development
  • Common planning process
  • Full transparency
  • Regular and on-time reporting
  • Clearly defined roles and responsibilities

Resources and Facilities

  • Our new and modern distribution centers in comply with all requirements of the EU have a covered area of 15,000 square meters.
  • They are located respectively in Suhindol, Dimitrovgrad, Vratza and Rousse and thus cover and service throughout the country, subdivided into areas South-West, North-West, South-East and North-East.
  • SYNERGY Trading disposes of its own and rented buses and trucks, carrying out all deliveries to their points of destination.